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Bakers.......thinking of joining Mums Bake Cakes?

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Don’t take our word for it, take a look at an interview with one of our bakers!

Click on the link below where you can read about one of our bakers, Sarah Hayes of Belmont Bakery explaining what it is like delivering on behalf of Mums Bake Cakes

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But what can Mums Bake Cakes do for me?- take a look here and read how we are supporting either, your current cake business ( on quieter times) or helping businesses to set up and abide by UK laws.

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With the holidays approaching why not find time to load some of the pictures onto our site, set your GO live date for when you return - help us cover our baker holiday dates and accept orders they are unable to fulfil.

Questions from bakers....

What are the costs to register?
For a limited period, we are pleased to offer all bakers the opportunity to join our site Free of Charge. This offer will allow bakers to join our site for one year to see the benefits of increased advertising and a wider customer base.

Do I pay a fee each time a cake is sold?
14% from each sale will be retained by Mums Bake Cakes to cover operating costs. Therefore bakers are to decide on the price of the cake, based on what a baker needs to earn + 14% + £x for expected delivery distance.
( For example- a baker requires £2 per cupcake (£12 for 6) + 14% (£1.68) + £2 travelling) cost of 6 cupcakes would show on site as £16.00

This is NOT a discount site- it is a solution to a problem for people who live a distance away and currently send bouquets of flowers or corporate clients who need a quality product - centrally dealt with by Mums Bake Cakes.

Any questions, feel free to contact us as we’re always happy to answer any questions you may have. E mail us

Kind regards

Paula and Richard

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