Saturday January 14th 2017 | 14:33

Baby Shower

Four balloons in pink and blue with the letters baby on each balloon

When did that happen? Do you or don’t you?


My son is 11 years old, and I must admit that I had never heard of a ‘Baby Shower’ back then, but seeing as both Eastenders and Coronation Street have celebrated 3 this week, then I assume this must be all the rage!

There does seem to be a lot of discussion about whether people should have them, and indeed if so at what stage of the pregnancy they should be?

The overwhelming evidence is that it shouldn’t be organised by the mum-to-be and should be organised by friends, family or work colleagues.

Many baby showers are organised as a great way for female friends to get together, and becoming more popular is the ‘open’ invite to male friends and colleagues.

So when should a baby shower take place? If leaving work this would be an obvious time to change the name of a ‘leaving do’ to a baby shower and the importance of ‘maternity leave’.

For friends and family, a date closer to the birth would seem more appropriate or even 1 month after the birth to allow all to see the newborn baby.

Some baby showers have games attached to them- like ‘don’t say baby’ without a forfeit, or Guess the baby food-by removing labels off the jars! And many, many others. Other baby showers are more a chance to get together and chat!

Do you take a gift to a baby shower? Some people feel obliged to take a gift, some send out gift lists, and some invites say no gifts- so the decision needs to be down to the organiser (if it’s a surprise), or the mum-to-be if involved.

If you do take a gift should it be for the mum-to-be or for the baby?

For some ideas for baby gifts, you can find nappy cakes, piggy banks, bath sets, clothes, changing bag, picture frames, and many, many other items available. For me a notebook would have been handy as I had serious ‘baby brain’ and forgot everything!

For some great ideas for the mum-to-be CAKE is the obvious answer, whether cupcakes, cake pops or a beautiful designer cake which can be devoured by all. Something the rest of the family will definitely enjoy.

Whoever has organised the baby shower, a great tip is to prepare some little Thank you cards already addressed for the mum-to-be to be able to send on after the party has finished- this is such a thoughtful idea!

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 Whatever your choice, enjoy the moment with the mum-to-be and allow her the opportunity to be centre of attention for just a moment in time- as very shortly she will be second fiddle to a very special bundle of joy!

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