Thursday May 3rd 2018 | 15:59

Are men the most difficult to buy for??

grandad, grandma and  two grandchildren

Are MEN the most difficult to buy for?

What do you get a dad, grandad, dad to be, step dad for Fathers Day?

Even at Christmas they will often say ‘oh don’t bother with me’ why do men say that?

It just means we have to think! and often find something that perhaps wouldn’t have been what they were after anyway, and the stress whilst the men open it- do you think they realise it would be easier to give some ideas with which we could work from!


What would you get if money wasn’t the object- or fantasy could turn to reality?

1) I personally would have my eyes put into my husbands- why do I see mess where he asks’ Well what needs doing?’ Lovely to be asked but why can’t he see it!

2) I would have ‘opened’ dads ears so he heard everything and not the selective hearing he had- why could he not hear something when we were all in the room- but a whispered conversation in another room was relayed back to us verbatim!

3) I would put a ‘chip’ in my husband so that when arranging a trip/ day out that he also prepares the childrens stuff, his own stuff, the dog, also ensuring the house was ready for our return with food etc. rather than just his own preparations! Then has the cheek to ask if I'm ready!!!


What would you arrange if money was no object?

If you're in Perth you could order these yummy Shortbread!


Why not arrange a tasty treat as a gift for Fathers Day, then everyone can enjoy his special day.

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