Monday June 8th 2020 | 03:00

Always use a registered baker

registered baker

Did we Bake our way out of Lockdown?

Always use a registered baker-

Don’t Risk it- Support Local Professional bakers.

Very early on before the full lockdown, or even the panic buying began our bakers started to notice a difficulty in getting supplies. Whether for flour, eggs, boxes or jam our country looked like it was going to bake it’s way out of anything that was coming our way!

Little did we know what was about to happen whilst the country prepared for home schooling, Isolation for vulnerable people and the need to stay at home- home-baking became the feel good factor many turned to.

A craft all ages can try, with or without an oven, the feeling of pride as the treat that started as eggs and flour has turned into an edible masterpiece, one which often surprised the creator of it too! As confidence grows the continual need to bake more and more designs, children baking for classroom projects giving a rise to mathematics skills and understanding of the change and chemical reactions.

From this opportunity to try new ideas and test new recipes, many people will now be considering turning this new found passion into  starting a baking business. The chance to follow a dream of running their own business, looking to increase revenues for the family at a time of uncertainty. We would like to welcome these new bakers to an exciting industry heaped in traditions with detailed regulations to keep us all safe when eating food manufactured and created in the UK.

To find out more about turning that passion into a business and how to start a cake business, take a look here for how we can help you get registered with your environmental health team- as an ABSOLUTE MUST when selling cakes and tasty treats and even if you are putting sweets in bag to sell to the UK.

What to consider for your cake delivery

As a consumer we all want to know what we are putting in our mouths or feeding our children is absolutely safe, and our bakers on Mums Bake Cakes have all been checked, and all comply with UK Health and Hygiene Laws, registered with their Environmental teams.

A registered baker will be proud to show you their registration details- they work hard to maintain the high standards expected of them.


- So buying with Mums Bake Cakes you can buy with confidence.-




Always use a registered baker- Don’t Risk it- Support Local Professional bakers.