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7 Top Tips for National Baking week

National Baking Week - 7 Top Tips

Here are some great Baking tips

from some of our professional bakers…..



Back in 2007 Pyrex  founded national baking week with other similar brands to encourage professional bakers to share their ideas, whilst encouraging all levels of bakers to ‘give it a go’ at home.

The rise of the baking industry has gone from strength to strength during the national pandemic with COV-ID forcing school closures, resulting in parents, children and adults alike all returning to baking, or finding a ‘flair’ for this past time, heaped in traditions.

1. Reducing the amount of fat in baking is very popular at the moment- if looking to reduce the fat content-

Replace butter in your biscuit recipe with a dairy-free spread,. If there’s no milk or eggs mentioned this will also make it vegan cake ready for delivery.

Whilst also making or cutting a hole in biscuits to decorate them instead of using icing. Would also reduce excess sugar use.

2. Preparation is The Key

Always weigh everything out beforehand, tick them off your list and lay them out ready to use. Make the whole baking process much smoother when everything is at hand.

Thank you to Anita in Swindon for the advice 


3. Measuring -especially EGGS are so important

When making a Victoria sponge it is important that the flour, fat, sugar and egg ratio are all the same. i.e 4:4:4:4. So when baking with eggs of different sizes make sure that the amount of egg is the same weight as the other ingredients (out of the shell of course!). e.g each individual ingredient weighs 4oz.

Thank you to Abdara in Perth for this tip

4. How to get The Perfect Cupcakes

Only fill the cupcakes and muffin cases halfway to ensure perfect cupcakes

Trouble-Shooting Tips:-

5. Overcooked in one corner? 

Check your light filament in the oven- Often the heat emitted from the light source inside the oven could be causing the issue. If your oven allows it- switch it off, otherwise create a 'silver foil cup' to fit on top of the lamp.


6. Avoiding greasy Bottoms!

Use some uncooked rice at the bottom of a cake tin, will prevent you from getting greasy cupcake bottoms!

Thank you to:-Cake Vibes in Leeds  for the advice


Making the most of your cake, so everyone gets the best bit!


7. How to cut a cake to ensure everyone gets a tasty Slice!

Use the checkered flag approach see more details below

When being presented with a beautiful cake and salivating at wanting to share it with everyone in the room our basic instinct of slicing of a cake whilst wielding the knife is to start cutting into quarters, then 8th’s and just keep continuing until we have enough slices to feed the guests- with some having barely a slither!


Been slicing a cake across the diagonal? – then we’ve been doing it all wrong according to Paula Wilkinson of from her involvement with her professional bakers.

A professional baker of cakes, will have designed the cake, based on the number of guests indicated will be at the party- but their way of slicing a cake is definitely different to mine.’ Said Paula

If you have a cake planned for over 8 people, Did you know that when slicing a cake you should look at a round cake, even as a checkered flag? 

To ensure everyone gets the best bits and you get the maximum out of cake. Based on 2”x2” sized pieces the following cakes would be best cut like the following for 6”, 8”, 10”, 12” and 14” sized cakes.


This she claims, not only maximises the amount of slices out of each of the cakes, but will also ensure that everyone receives a similar sized piece, avoiding the apologies for a slither of a slice.!


By considering the cake portions and whether you would wish to have some over for the ‘unexpected’ guest, using the  guide below would be useful to consider for most cakes.

Wedding and Christmas cakes ( often using fruit ) would often be served as a smaller portion of 1” x 2” portions with the cake designer discussing this in more detail during a consultation.

So, next time a cake delivery arrives for you to devour, or planning a cake for a party considering the above guide which will help avoid wastage, and ensure everyone gets a fair share!



Finally From Dandee in SE London - Don't be afraid to experiment and adjust recipes to make it your own.- see her designs here

For more baking tips from an expert in the kitchen do take a look here at Mery Berry Baking Tips too.