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7 reasons sending cakes is better than flowers

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Flowers or decide


We all know the feeling. You’ve just heard that it’s an in-law, relative or friend’s birthday and you’d forgotten until now. You might be working all day or have every minute already planned out, so you know you won’t have the chance to get to the shops before the expected gift-giving moment rolls around.

The obvious choice? Pick up a bunch of flowers. The problem? As beautiful as flowers are, they have so often been the last minute present substitute that they begin to become just that. For many people, the delight with a beautiful bouquet is dampened by the knowledge that it was probably picked up at a supermarket that afternoon or ordered as an afterthought.

The solution? Send a cake instead. Ordering online through Mums Bake Cakes is just as practical as ordering a bunch of flowers, but it is much more thoughtful and guaranteed to surprise the lucky recipient. How many people receive a surprise cake delivery that is homemade, carefully designed and expertly delivered? At best, it’s usually a luxury cake option at the supermarket or at worst the cake is missed altogether. It’s nothing like a homemade cake, full of flavour and beautifully presented – and that’s the difference the person who receives the cake you send will notice. They’ll notice the extra effort that went into the gift, and they’ll be glad you sent cake instead of flowers.

Need a little bit more convincing? Here are seven reasons why sending cake is better than flowers. You’ll agree with more than you think.

  1. It’s more of a surprise

When you’re unwell, you expect flowers and a card or possibly some grapes. When it’s your birthday, you expect the obligatory bunch of blooms from at least one friend, sometimes more – and then you start running out of vases! You don’t expect a fresh homemade cake. When one arrives, it is the perfect surprise and shows the receiver you really were thinking of them.

  1. Two for the price of one

Neither cake or flowers last forever, but while flowers can only look pretty, cakes can look pretty and taste amazing too. Send a cake and you can smile, safe in the knowledge that it will take pride of place on a celebration table or be the perfect pick me up for a friend in need. Whatever reason you’re sending a gift for, a cake can be enjoyed in more ways than traditional flowers.

  1. Show some sentiment

A cake sends more sentiment being the less obvious choice, and shows you’ve remembered an occasion enough to order a relevant cake in time instead of a last-minute petrol station stop to grab the best bouquet of a slightly battered bunch. Do the unexpected and make someone’s day.

  1. Make it personal

You can tailor it to the receiver’s tastes, not just in appearance but in flavours, layers decoration, design and even more. Catering to your loved one’s tastes will make the gift of cake even better and show them, without any doubt, that you care enough to find the perfect present for their likes, dislikes and needs. Imagine the feeling of receiving a cake delivery, perfectly tailored to your dietary requirements when usually you’re unable to eat a restaurant or shop-bought cake. Imagine the feeling of opening the cake box and seeing your favourite film characters modelled in sugar on top. Imagine cutting your first slice and finding a rainbow coloured inside to brighten up your day.

  1. Cake is shareable

For a lot of people, celebrations and even day to day happiness is driven more by who you share the time with rather than what gifts you receive. The beauty of sending cake as a gift is that it is something that demands to be shared, enjoyed and savoured together. Cake brings people together, even just for half an hour with a cup of tea, and that is priceless.

  1. Homemade in Britain

When we do buy flowers, we assume that the popular types of flowers will be available all year round because they’re always available online and often stocked in florists. We forget that flowers are seasonal, so this means many of our bouquets are flown in from other corners of the globe. Sending a cake with Mums Bake Cakes means that your gift is made in Britain and delivered locally, without the endless air miles of many imported blooms.

  1. You can still send flowers…

Sending cake doesn’t mean you can’t still send flowers – just send sugar ones instead! Order a cake from a baker who offers sugar craft flowers as decorations and ask if you can choose the bloom to be the recipient’s favourite. There’s even a Mums Bake Cakes baker who offers cupcake bouquets filled with roses and other beautiful blooms! The simple beauty of sugar flowers is that they are stunning and can be removed from the cake, preserved and treasured or simply eaten and enjoyed!

Given the choice, it’s not surprising that many of us would rather give and receive cakes. Whether you want to let someone know you’re there, cheer them up, celebrate an occasion or just let them know you’re thinking of them – you can count on cake.

What would you rather receive – flowers or cake? Let us know in the comments below!

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