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5 ways to improve conversions on cake sales

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5 Ways to Improve your conversions to Cake Sales

We have taken a ‘straw poll’ of enquiries we have received over the past week, and looked at why we are SO  successful in converting enquiries and wanted to share our ideas with you.


Top tips to secure your quote


1)   Reply Promptly

Answer customer as quickly as possible- even with another question/ clarification or just a holding reply- saying 'Thank you will get a quote over to you on ……..x Day' -  customer knows you are still trading. If you are able to confirm you are available on the day they are asking this could stop them asking elsewhere too at that stage.


2)   Exact Request

Confirm requirements prior to quoting- to ensure cost is accurate- any wording on cake/board, any allergies, do they have a design they could email across. etc.


3)   Sell Yourself- Why you are the BEST!

When quoting – show customer similar designs or similar techniques that demostrate how you have previously created a similar style/design-  explaining to the customer this will give them  the confidence to know the quality they can expect to receive . (using only your own images).


Explain you are a fully registered baker, complying with all UK health and hygiene laws - so many customers don't initially think about this- but if put in front of them- they realise it's something they should look at!


4)   Confirmation 

Follow customer up within 1 day that they have received the information ( a sent email is not necessarily a received email- servers are so sensitive now, many will reject if the email has pictures or attachments etc. on it)


5)   Customer Service

Gently follow up, explaining that dates are not confirmed until the order and payment has been received. If it's  a No, thank them nicely for their time and wish them well and explain happy to quote again another time- as people often need cakes again in the future, and may wish to try someone else next time!


Time Saving tips

1) Preparation 

Have your standard questions ready, so you can just adapt to suit the individual request

Have your standard 'chase' emails ready so you can just adapt to suit

Have your contract ready to email out with payment details explained

2) Have a System

Questions*  Quote* Chase 1* Chase 2 *  Thank and wish well



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